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The perfect tool kit for applying your lashes like an expert. The kits comes with 4 golden tools that will enable you to apply your lashes with precision.


Eyelash Curler  - recommended to curl your natural lashes first, as this will help open the eyes and also to see the eye shape better. You can then apply your luxury strip lashes and use the curler for 5 seconds to add more volume and a lift.


Slant tweezer  - Used for a precision application or to remove any build up of glue on the lash band.


Lash applicator  - The perfect tool to apply your luxury lashes, close to the lash line.


Scissors - Cutting precisely in between hair clusters from either end (preferably cutting the outside edge) will avoid damaging the lash. 

Lash Tool Kit

£11.95 Regular Price
£9.95Sale Price